Melling Guitar Lessons

Here are just a few of the many references I have received:

When I first started lessons with Gary, I was pretty much a 'three chord' guitarist. After only a couple of months I can play a number of songs by some of my favourite bands. The lessons are a lot of fun, and I feel like I'm getting better all the time."

Caroline (Photographer and teacher)

After years of teaching myself guitar, I decided to invest in proper guitar lessons, and I'm really glad I did. I used to be a bit scared of music theory, but the lessons helped to demystify a lot of that stuff for me. Gary is very good at explaining things simply, without too much jargon. I've learnt a lot in a short time: alternative chord voicings, how to choose an appropriate scale when soloing, different strumming patterns.

Tony (IT consultant)

It was very hard for me. Now it is getting easier every day. The lessons with Gary are very good.

Eddie (Taxi driver)

"I am currently studying at Music College and needed some extra help with music theory. Gary has helped me understand scale theory and chord formulation. Gary has put this across in a very clear and easy way to understand.

John (Music student)